What to do on a saturday evening

People having fun at one of the public skating rinks in the core of Stockholm city. Shortly after I shot this image, a car exploded a couple of blocks away, and then a man blows him self up in what seems to be an attempted suicide bomber attack. Two different worlds in one city.

Portfolio images revisited: Into the light

Every year we have the Stockholm Marathon in the city. As I´m not really into shooting sports, I´m not one of those who line up with a huge tele lens and picks of the runners as they passes by. Never the less, the crowds do gather in large amounts, which gives a humble street photographer…

Last man standing

It´s amazing how much kids can endure to get what they want. These kids stood patiently in the hot sun for more than one half hour just to get five minutes of airtime in the trampoline. It may have been a struggle, but they stayed glued to their place in line until mission completed. Impressive. Oh…

Urban exploring lite

I´ve had plenty of time to shot my beloved streets this summer, so yesterday I took a break and went for some urban exploring with a couple of friends. It´s really not my bag of bananas, but still very entertaining to explore this kind of abandoned constructions. In this image my friend Jon has just finished…

Portfolio added

I figure some sort of portfolio would be nice as a complement to this flow of images, so it´s now a part of the menu. I´m not fully convinced the slide show template I´m using is the best – maybe something more like a contact sheet would be preferable. Let me know what you think!

Night scene

Went through some older images and found this one. It´s not much to brag about in color, but I think it pops in B/W. Ordered a bunch of copies last night including this one, so it will be interesting to see how it looks on paper.