People I´ve met: Sthlm street from 2010

Wow – this has been an interesting year. I´ve been shooting less street than earlier years, but I think my keepers rate have increased. Or maybe I´m just not that picky anymore ;) Anyhow – I´ve put together a collection of some of the more memorable street photos I shot this year. It´s pretty straight forward, starting in january and moves on until december.

Looking at the image like this is interesting from a personal point, since I feel I have changed my style a bit this year (and in my own opinion in a good direction). One interesting thing is that I´ve started combining people in the images that doesn´t really relate in real life, but only in that fraction of time that the images was made. And i´m not talking about shooting signs and billboards now – this is about mixing people. Street life converging in a frozen moment. I know I´m gonna explore that road more over the next year.

So… street convergence it is. Or maybe it should be called Street life mashup? ;)

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  1. I think this year has been a good one for me, photographically speaking. Quite apart from the increase in my own skill level, is the discovery of a few photographers whose work I find consistently appealing. You are one of those.

    I don’t like everything you do, but even the ones I don’t initially like I come to appreciate after viewing them a few times.

    As for the direction you have taken this year, I find it to be less flambouyant that your older stuff, but somehow more satisfying. It will be interesting to see how you do next year. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for your support, guys – it means a lot to me. Now lets move on into next year with our cameras glued in our hands. It´s all about preparing for the opportunities :)

    Oh – my company gave us a trip to Paris in march as a christmas present, so I´ll be doing some shooting there in 2011 as well. Even tough I like shooting in stockholm a new city always inspires. Haven´t been there since 2007, so it will be very interesting to see how my images will differ from that trip.

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