Shadow puppets

Sthlm, 2013: Rising dog

Sthlm, 2013: Shadow puppets

I am still processing all the new ideas I got  during last weekends workshop with In-Public. Blake Andrews, David Solomons and Matt Stuart are a very knowledgeable trio and knows how to communicate their views on street photography very well. I am looking forward to merge this with my own style and hope that it will show in my shots one way or another. One route I will hop on immediately is to work with the details within the frame. I usually try to keep my frames clean and neat, but it became quite apparent during our photo review session that those images rarely keeps the viewers interest for very long. We could talk for a long time about some images while others just had a seconds in the spotlight. “Ok, it’s a girl with a ball. Next one, please”. :)

So there you have it – more cowbell details. I think this one from today is a good example of what I am talking bout.

5 thoughts

  1. It’s a girl without a ball, nex … oh, wait. What’s all that other stuff. A dog-shaped balloon? A guy about to be slapped on the head? A lot of details, certainly, but interesting :) I like it.

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