Low rider

Sthlm, 2011: Low rider

Slowly working my way back into shooting mode since that intense London street photography trip two weeks ago. It feels like everything is boring to photograph here in Stockholm right now, but I know those moments will be back if I just keep walking the streets. Actually, they are always there, but if I don´t have the right mindset I can´t see a damn thing happening in front of me.

Another thing is, that I really miss going out with the camera. It doesn´t have to generate great images as long as I get a couple of kilometers out of my system. Just keep on walking. Have a coffee. Eat some nice tapas. Have a talk. Stay in the streets and the rest will follow :)

No blog post without an images, of course, so here you go. Very possible not the image I will be remembered for, but at least it´s a guy squatting.

Compadre of the day: Malin. (Thanks for the company :)

2 thoughts

  1. Any time Jimmy! Det här blev ju riktigt snyggt och jag tror bestämt att du har några fler som kan platsa i bloggen ;-) /Malin

    • Nja, kanske det fanns någon till som skulle kunnat funka. Men den här se så jäkla mörk ut mot den ljusa bakgrunden. Måste nog börja jobba fram ett mörkare bloggtema för mina bildvisningsmallar… Fast det får bli en senare fråga. Snart dags att ticka ut och plåta!

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