Fathers day

Crap, I wasted a good photo yesterday that would have fit perfect for today when we selebrate fathers day. You will have to do with this one instead: a fragile beeing with his master. Not perfectly sharp, but I guess that makes it a piece of art. Happy fathers day, guys!

Early morning

Early morning scene at the beach of Playa de Palma and the end of one persons days is the beginning of someone else’s. And indeed, that bucket with straws sticking out of it is filled with vodka and sprite. The young gentlemen’s had me taste it. :P

Shadow puppets

I am still processing all the new ideas I got  during last weekends workshop with In-Public. Blake Andrews, David Solomons and Matt Stuart are a very knowledgeable trio and knows how to communicate their views on street photography very well. I am looking forward to merge this with my own style and hope that it will show…