Portfolio images revisited: Autumn movement

Autum movement

Autumn movement

This image is from my first year with a digital camera, back in 2006. I had bought a cheap Pentax DSLR to fit to some old lenses I had lying around from back in the early nineties. I wasn´t really into street photography at the time, but liked to shot the cityscape after dark with a tripod. As a newbie, I believed pin sharp images was the main goal for a good photograph*, so that´s what I went for.

This rainy afternoon I had been out shooting some architecture, and was waiting for a friend. While waiting, I noticed the nice effect that the autumn leaves had on the wet black stairs. Obviously, my friend was running late, so I set up the tripod and shot some images. People were running past the lens al the time, so it was difficult to ge a clean shot of the stairs without them. I decided to include them instead to add more colors to the frame. Easier said than done, though, since 99 percent of them were wearing black or dark clothes. That´s how Stockholm looks like when the sun goes to hibernate in autumn. Dark and gloomy.

Anyway. I had to wait for more than half an hour before this lady swept by with her beautiful blue umbrella. And the plastic bag she had over her shoulder blurred out really nice. Or did you think she was a read head?

* Nowdays It´s all about the moment. Sharpness is a bonus.

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    • Yes, basics comes first. Then we hopefully reaches a point were photographical maturity and confident lets us take our own directions and step outside the box. I think that´s when the fun begins :)

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