City Couples

Sthlm, 2009: Time for a break

I´ve signed up for a photo meet in a couple of weeks where I have promised to show some images. It was a long time since I did that, so it will be fun. I even think I have the theme worked out: Couples. Browsing through the archives, it seems like I’ve captured quite a lot of them over the years. Some of them really are couples, other just converged in front of my camera at the right time. Either way, these images are true scenes from the streets, and your interpretation is the message. :)

Ok, it´s friday and I´m geting into the weekend mode, so maybe this idea won´t seem so brilliant tomorrow. I´ll sleep on it.

5 thoughts

  1. There’s a nice anti-symmetry to the image, the two sides are just enough opposite to each other to make their similarities shine (or maybe I am just in weekend mode myself and spouting some pre-TGIF caipirinhas hot air :)

  2. Jag ser fram emot ett se dina bilder. Det här är ett väldigt lyckat foto vardagsstillsamt samtidigt som mycket händer, om du är med på vad jag menar. Har du fått tillbaka kameran än? /Malin

  3. I´m glad you like it! Couples are an interesting subject to study, so it pays off to scope them out.

    About this particular image* I just want to quote an old joke (And you may stop reading now, Malin ;):
    – Why does husbands have a shorter life span than their wifes?
    – Because they want to!

    By the way, Malin: I intercepted my camera in Kungsör today by proxy, so yes it´s back. Tomorrow I´ll be shooting a live band in Köping with it. Time to meet the homeboys :)

    Thanks for watching!
    *Cigarettes vs. Oately ;)

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