Backlog Zero

I have worked up quite a back log with photos this year, to some extent because of the way my slow computer handles the X-trans files from the X-Pro1. On one hand I kind of like having the photos on hold for a while before publishing them, but on the other hand I really think…

Close but no cigar

I ran into a crowd of asian – probably japanese – tourists today. One thing that make them stand from others out is the fact that they often seem to use umbrellas to shade of the sun. (In contrast to swedes that actually try to stay in the sun for as long as possible). Anyway…

Retrospective 2010 added

Since I got this latest word press theme I have a pretty neat way of showing image galleries. I did a retrospective in late december last year to wrap it up before heading out for another go at the streets. And since I have been doing this for a while, I decided to add retrospectives…

Yellow layer

Judging by the amount of leaves that departs from the trees right now I´d say winter is coming awfully fast. Yikes.


Shake the hand firmly – check. Look straight into his eyes – check. Lean forward – check. I think these guys have done this before.