Backlog Zero

Sthlm, 2013: Herd runnaway

Sthlm, 2013: Herd runaway

I have worked up quite a back log with photos this year, to some extent because of the way my slow computer handles the X-trans files from the X-Pro1. On one hand I kind of like having the photos on hold for a while before publishing them, but on the other hand I really think the need to organize them with keywords and other meta information has to be made immediately.

Solution? – Get a new Computer! (Check!)
When? – As soon as possible. (Check! Will get it in a couple of days.)
Then what? – My life will be perfect. (Ok, not really, but at least I will have an warp speed capable iMac 27″. The plan is to reach Blacklog Zero within a couple of months.

Oh – and I got a Bamboo board for my son for him to draw with. Thinking of getting one for my self as well to get a (what I think) more tactile feeling when dodging and burning. I know this kind of tools are more common in the retouch branch of photography, but I think it may be a great help for my conservative editing as well.

Anyone of you readers that uses graphical tablets with pens?

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