H C-B:s birthday

Sthlm, 2013: F.M.

Sthlm, 2013: F.M.

Aight, it seems that today is the birthday of Henri Cartier-Bresson – the mothership of street photography. I had to do other stuff than going out to shoot on the street to memorize him, like having dinner with a date. On the other hand, I did have a shoot out with one of my colleagues at work on my way from work.

So, to honor H C-B I don´t feel that it would be completely wrong to post a photo of a true creative dude and also one of my fellows at work. After all – the greatness of the legend that is Henri is not (only) his legacy of photographs, but primarily his ability to look outside the box and to create something new.

Yupp –  feast your eyes on Fredrik Marcus. This is the guy you tune in to on Twitter if you dial FM :)

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