Gnesta-Planket 2012 – check!


Gnesta, 2012: One of the exhibition walls. Pretty crowded!

It’s kind of embarrassing, but I actually forgot to bring any of my cameras with me to yesterdays exhibition in Gnesta. I do think it got covered quite well anyhow, since pretty much every one else brought their cameras :)

Pictures or not – the exhibition was great fun and I had some really interesting conversations with both visitors and other photographers. There was a lot of documentary styled photography, and lot´s of black and white. Still it was quite apparent that every photographer puts something of him/her self into the images, as they showed a wide span and diversity, despite the common subjects of interest.

I’m very impressed of the Grand Master of Gnesta, Bengt Björkbom, that manages to pull together a lot of really good photographers and lure them out to Gnesta in the middle of summer. Your humble blogger is proud to be a part of this. (Here´s a shot by photographer Stefan Pettersson of me at the scene with Bengt and Malin Jochumsen).


Gnesta, 2012: Does he like it?


Gnesta, 2012: On my left – excellent photos by Frans Erasmie and Joakim K E Johansson.


Gnesta, 2012: On my right – Russian pin-ups by Malin Jochumsen. :)

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    • Tack det samma, Matti! Jo, det blev både positiv respons på bilderna och intressanta följddiskussioner kring innehåll, rätten att fotografera/publicera gatubilder plus en massa annat där. Sen även en del kommentarer och omnämnanden via andra kanaler, bl.a. i ett litet reportage på Facebook.

      vet inte om det går att länka till Facebook, men jag gör ett försök:


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