Portfolio images revisited: Taking the veil

A couple of friends and I decided to go street shooting in London back in July 2011. Not only is the city itself a great place to visit, but it also threw it´s first London Street Photography Festival that summer. It was a great opportunity to experience some exhibitions by the great street photographers and…

A tunnel vision – part two

As promised – here are some more shots from yesterday. I must have made a couple of hundreds of images on maybe five different locations with the two models. Looking through them I didn´t succeed nearly as well with the girl as with the boy when it comes down to picking my favourites, although her…

International Workers’ Day in stockholm

I tagged along the march train of yesterdays international workers day in Stockholm. The sun was high and hot, and I gave the Ricoh´s high contrast b/w mode a go. And yes, it turned out to be almost ridiculously contrasty. But hey – they are straight out of the cam and I like it. No…

Why boys run

Saw this guy running around on the far side of the street. The red light held me back, and when I did came over he was gone. Well, gone until he suddenly appeared, running like crazy right pass me.

Out of focus with parcel

Crap. Sometimes, I just can´t get the focus right in time. Kind of like the composition on this one, but I guess the out of focus is a tad to much. I feel about out of focus myself, by the way, so I´ll see ya later.