Portfolio images revisited: Neighborhood

This man lives somewhere in my neighbourhood. I am told that twice a day, he takes a walk from one end to the other, turns around, and walks back. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where he turns around, to see how he does the turn. In my head, he has some kind of ritual…

Out of focus with parcel

Crap. Sometimes, I just can´t get the focus right in time. Kind of like the composition on this one, but I guess the out of focus is a tad to much. I feel about out of focus myself, by the way, so I´ll see ya later.

Suits everywhere!

Swedish native as I am, it was quite nice to see how well dressed everyone is in London. At least in the central parts where I lurked around. The dress code sure is very different from Stockholm, where the suits are pretty unusual. It could be that we have forgotten how to dress up properly,…

A guy, a lamp post and three contrails

I had just arrived down town when I saw the three contrails in the sky – perfectly converging towards some distant place. Since I knew the probably would vaporise soon, I went looking for some nice angles to make a shot of them. And I looked, and looked, (power walking) while they slowly drifted away…


Every now and then I take a walk during lunchtime with the camera to check out the surroundings near the office. Since I´m a sucker for concrete and bridges, I usually ends up under one of them. This one is one of my favourites.