Going low

Sorry for not posting for a while, but I´m busy shooting down at Playa de Palma in Mallorca, Spain this week. Me and my pal Ola Billmont have almost been here 48 hours and planning an intensive shoot out. Well, as intense as possible, considering that the sun kills do its best to fry us….

Palma at night

Ok, back from Palma with a load of photos. Like always, going abroad with my work colleagues means a lot of intense nocturnal activity paired with zombie like wandering during daytime. Or to put yesterday in perspective: If hangover was a country I would be China.

A mixed bag of junk

If you have been around sthlmstreet.com before, you might already have noticed my annual retrospectives. This year will be no different, which means I´m at it right now. Well, actually I haven´t started yet, but there´s plenty of time until the new years bells start ringing. I will post the 2012 retrospective sometime tomorrow, but until…

King of the dance floor

I had a terrific christmas party at work the other day. Won´t show you any photos besides this one, but I have to say it was a great idea bringing the camera. At my work, we know how to party. :) Na, to hell with it. Here’s one more: (No one got hurt during this…

Night life in Istanbul

I´m so happy I got the little Ricoh GRD3. Although not as small as an iPhone it sure runs circles around the phone when it comes to delivering great night shots. Ok, it is no high ISO monster, so flash is a must, but with it I try to mimic the classic paparazzi style with…

Night life in Barna

I´m getting more and more confident with using the Ricoh GRD3. While it´s no match to the K-5 it still produces some pretty good flash shots at night. And it´s so small I can actually hold it in my palm, shooting from high above my head to get some nice perspective.