Turbo Jugends in the house

I was on my way home last night when I passed a pub that apparently had some kind of punk festival. The batteries in my flash died on me so I had to use the Iphone flashlight as my only light source. Anyway – lovely crowd, those punk rockers!

Gröna Lund 2013

Still waiting for my new iMac to be delivered (Apple is apparently low of fusion drives), so I haven´t done much editing during this fall. While the back log is building up, I went through some shots from before my computer went dead(ish). Me and my pal Ola Billmont have been shooting at the Stockholm…

Horns and bananas

I got some time to check out the International workers day parade this Wednesday. It got boring pretty quick, but the crowds are always interesting to watch. As this guy, shading his smart phone with a bag of bananas while filming the parade. This has to be the best depiction of evolution yet. ;)

In concert

Went to a concert last saturday to celebrate the relase of Amaxa’s first album. Got really close. Got some nice pictures. Got almost deaf. (But if was a great concert.)

If they spot you – shoot them!

Took the X-Pro1 with the Fujinon 18mm for another test drive today in a very nice weather. I haven´t had it for a full week yet, but it already feels quite intuitive to shoot with it. Not perfectly lean yet, but I´m sure that is a matter of time. The young boy playing the piano…

Night life in Istanbul

I´m so happy I got the little Ricoh GRD3. Although not as small as an iPhone it sure runs circles around the phone when it comes to delivering great night shots. Ok, it is no high ISO monster, so flash is a must, but with it I try to mimic the classic paparazzi style with…