Halloween 2018

Popped by the annual Shockholm event at Kungsträdgården yesterday. It has really grown in both crowd size and ambitious costumes. since I stumbled on to it two years ago. Anyway – a perfect moment to do some flashy business after a couple of very slow months of shooting. Or not shooting, actually. Gear: X100f with…

On the Love Boat

I took a ride with the Love Boat Cruise last weekend. Quite intense to say the least, but it sure made for some interesting photo ops. Got drunk, got some nice pics and got my cameras pop-up flash ripped off the camera body by an close encounter (the non-violent kind).  

One evening

Had the camera with me last saturday and snapped a couple of shots on the way. Yes, they are a bit blurry and yes, that was not the cameras fault. Anyway, it´s good to remember shooting something else that strangers every now and then. You know – your life :)

Gröna Lund 2013

Still waiting for my new iMac to be delivered (Apple is apparently low of fusion drives), so I haven´t done much editing during this fall. While the back log is building up, I went through some shots from before my computer went dead(ish). Me and my pal Ola Billmont have been shooting at the Stockholm…