People I´ve met: Sthlm street from 2010

Wow – this has been an interesting year. I´ve been shooting less street than earlier years, but I think my keepers rate have increased. Or maybe I´m just not that picky anymore ;) Anyhow – I´ve put together a collection of some of the more memorable street photos I shot this year. It´s pretty straight…

Shoe spotting

What to do when nothing really interesting pops out in front of the camera? Well – I have some themes I use to fall back to that are quite easy to execute. It could be shooting silhouettes in strong backlight, playing with shadows or simply point the camera downwards. If nothing else it helps me…


This shot was made in one of the best places in sthlm for shooting during daytime on a sunny day. Why? Because this part of Drottninggatan is completely in the shadow – the light you see is reflected down to streetlevel via the buildings surrounding it.

Glad midsommar!

Planen är att dra till skansen med sonen i morgon och picknicka med goda vänner. Sol, gott käk och en skvätt vin borde göra susen. Och kanske, kanske att man få se denna musikant iklädd knätofsar och folkdräkt dagen till ära?