Serious and less serious participants at yesterdays Pride parade in Stockholm. As always, the party mode was set on “11”, so they kept busy until the end.  The most popular costume? Vladimir Putin. :)

Horns and bananas

I got some time to check out the International workers day parade this Wednesday. It got boring pretty quick, but the crowds are always interesting to watch. As this guy, shading his smart phone with a bag of bananas while filming the parade. This has to be the best depiction of evolution yet. ;)

The X-Pro1 OVF proves it self

Once a year, in early march, the sun puts up a fantastic lightshow during sun set in one specific stockholm crossing. I discovered this last year and decided to go back sunday weekend when the sun showed up. The plan was to try to evolve the paning shots I did in 2012, but instead I…

Retrospective 2010 added

Since I got this latest word press theme I have a pretty neat way of showing image galleries. I did a retrospective in late december last year to wrap it up before heading out for another go at the streets. And since I have been doing this for a while, I decided to add retrospectives…