Another muncher

Hey – I found another image of a guy carrying stuff in his mouth. What´s up with that? Anyway – the Urban Paper Muncher Collection is slowly growing … Some other munchers:

Slideshow: Couples, pairs & dynamic duos

As some of you may remember, I did a slide show a couple of months ago at a local photographers meet in Stockholm (Mosebacke Fotografiska Sällskap, MFS). I have had trouble pushing it out on this blog earlier, but it seems to work just fine on my Facebook site. Click on the image above, or…


I was enjoying this grand view from the Grande Arche at la Défence when a small girl walked by below me. I´m pretty shure she was more excited about her yellow balloons than the metal poles she went through. Who wouldn´t be.

Everything you need

She looked kind of jittery, standing there, and I started wondering if she was looking for a toilet. Oh, by the way: today will be an interesting day. I´ve been assigned to do a kind of workshop with a teenager all day long, shooting portraits. We will start off with a couple of hours shooting in…

The art of cover

We got caught in a heavy rain fall on saturday evening, and people on the go took what they had to keep dry. I think this image alone proves that the death of old media is over exaggerated (or would you use your iPod like this)?