Met these two charming fellows on their way to the soccer game. Eager for a good fight, I’d guess.

View from a bar

Still on crutches for a couple of weeks, I continue to shoot with the Ricoh GR on Bleach mode. In this one I am not quite happy with how it looks, but I am determined to try keep it together with one style only. It is like deciding on a specific film/style on a project. To…

Action call

Finally got my new computer after seven long weeks of waiting. Huge screen, huge internal Fusion drive disk and lots of processing power. At last I can work on my images from the past six months. I know we all say that gear does not matter, but if I have a camera of a computer…


Serious and less serious participants at yesterdays Pride parade in Stockholm. As always, the party mode was set on “11”, so they kept busy until the end.  The most popular costume? Vladimir Putin. :)

Spring time!

So… finally the winter gave it up and let the spring loose. Now we can stop whining about the cold and start bitching about the massive bursts of pollen in the air. But who cares – I´m on a roll right now: Got featured in Top Photography Films a couple of days ago, got listed…