Fathers day

Crap, I wasted a good photo yesterday that would have fit perfect for today when we selebrate fathers day. You will have to do with this one instead: a fragile beeing with his master. Not perfectly sharp, but I guess that makes it a piece of art. Happy fathers day, guys!

One year ago today in Barcelona

I couldn´t go with my friends on this years trip to Barna, so I did a journey on my hard drive instead. The image above from the beach was taken exactly one year from today, on a no-so-warm saturday.

Night life in Barna

I´m getting more and more confident with using the Ricoh GRD3. While it´s no match to the K-5 it still produces some pretty good flash shots at night. And it´s so small I can actually hold it in my palm, shooting from high above my head to get some nice perspective.

Back on track

Finally home after a week in Barcelona. The weather was – to say the least – “dynamic”, with sun, clouds and a lot of rain. Either way, it´s a great city to do street photography in, with lots of fantastic places to explore. I just wish those pick pockets wash´t so keen on exploring my…

A four step program

Some of you have complained that I have been less productive than usual this summer. Well, you got it right. I have been low on inspiration for a while with the exception of my shooting spree to London in July. So, instead of just waiting for the inspiration to come back, I have some ideas…