Life on the south bank

One of the suggestions that I got by the local streettogs in London while creating the London Street photography Guide to London map was to check out the South bank in the evening. With the London Eye, Tate modern etc it was sure to be pretty crowded with tourists, but it turned out to be…

Pearl, the parrot

The parrot Pearl have some cookies fed to her mouth to mouth by her loving owner. It might not be obvious in the picture, but if you look close you can see parts of the pattern on the dress. Yep – all parrots. I think I might have met the legendary Parrot lady.

Are handprints street?

Yeah, I know – this is not your everyday street photo. But sometimes I think I focus too much on having people – the magical Human Presence – in every shot. Still, when walking around in the urban areas, I see a lot of stuff that adds to the story of life on the streets….

On a mission

Sometimes, I approach the urban population and asks them for a picture. (If I can´t get a nice street shot, I´ll go for second best). This guy was hanging around the city core, obviously on some kind of mission. It turned out he really was on a mission – as soon as I started to talk…

People I´ve met: Sthlm street from 2010

Wow – this has been an interesting year. I´ve been shooting less street than earlier years, but I think my keepers rate have increased. Or maybe I´m just not that picky anymore ;) Anyhow – I´ve put together a collection of some of the more memorable street photos I shot this year. It´s pretty straight…