Early morning at Playa de Palma and the first ones are already there to get a good spot seat by the sea. Seems like these girls found their good spot right there. Reminds me of lemurs :)

Close but no cigar

I ran into a crowd of asian – probably japanese – tourists today. One thing that make them stand from others out is the fact that they often seem to use umbrellas to shade of the sun. (In contrast to swedes that actually try to stay in the sun for as long as possible). Anyway…

A day at the trotting track

I got some quality time with the camera at the trotting track near by my home today. Great place for watching people, and a prefect time to study the circle of life at the trotting track. Elitloppet is one of the largest harness racing events in the world and gather a mashup of trotting lovers, gamblers…

Beach life

I just came home from a week in a very hot Turkey with my son. Had some vague ideas about documenting the tourist life down there, but it ended up in a fun father-son experience with the camera put aside most of the time.

Another muncher

Hey – I found another image of a guy carrying stuff in his mouth. What´s up with that? Anyway – the Urban Paper Muncher Collection is slowly growing … Some other munchers:

Taking the veil

Got a few days left on London before heading back to Stockholm. Last night I managed to delete the raw files from the first three days of shooting. Thank god I shot jpegs aswell. The recovery program is working as I write this, so maybe I´ll be able to get some of them back. No…