On the Love Boat

I took a ride with the Love Boat Cruise last weekend. Quite intense to say the least, but it sure made for some interesting photo ops. Got drunk, got some nice pics and got my cameras pop-up flash ripped off the camera body by an close encounter (the non-violent kind).  


Met these two charming fellows on their way to the soccer game. Eager for a good fight, I’d guess.

A mixed bag of junk

If you have been around sthlmstreet.com before, you might already have noticed my annual retrospectives. This year will be no different, which means I´m at it right now. Well, actually I haven´t started yet, but there´s plenty of time until the new years bells start ringing. I will post the 2012 retrospective sometime tomorrow, but until…

A tunnel vision – part two

As promised – here are some more shots from yesterday. I must have made a couple of hundreds of images on maybe five different locations with the two models. Looking through them I didn´t succeed nearly as well with the girl as with the boy when it comes down to picking my favourites, although her…