Hello sailor!

Tried out the new Fujifilm X70 while on vacation to Marbella in Spain. Turned out to be a great little shooter and probably what will replace my broken Ricoh GR. Time will tell :)

On the Love Boat

I took a ride with the Love Boat Cruise last weekend. Quite intense to say the least, but it sure made for some interesting photo ops. Got drunk, got some nice pics and got my cameras pop-up flash ripped off the camera body by an close encounter (the non-violent kind).  

Beach life

Just got back from a weekend in Alicante, Spain. Great weather, nice beaches and another beach babe to my collection. And I finally got rid of my street photography block that have spanned over this entire winter. Yay.

Early morning

Early morning scene at the beach of Playa de Palma and the end of one persons days is the beginning of someone else’s. And indeed, that bucket with straws sticking out of it is filled with vodka and sprite. The young gentlemen’s had me taste it. :P

Beach boys

After an intense weekend I had a first go with the raw files from Mallorca late last night. With a total of less than 500 photos in one week I’m pretty happy if I have ten keepers in the end. Which one those are will probably not be clear to me for some time, but…

Light therapy

If you have ever heard about swedes being introvert and depressed this might be a clue:  we only had 17 hours of sun light in Stockholm this november. That is if you were lucky enough to be out during those rare moments. The horror get´s even worse since the absence of snow makes it very…