Kid & needle

Outside the museum

Sthlm, 2010: Kid & needle

Encountered a pretty neat poster today outside the Nordic museum – and in B/W it almost looks photoshopped (but it isn´t).  I just love adding this kind of stuff in my compositions. Yay!

And to-morrow the Pride parade 2010 hits the city in all it´s glory. It´s gonna be fun scoping the crowds for interesting moments :)

2 thoughts

  1. Power of Fashion is the name of the current exhibition at the Museum. Sen gäller det ju att uppfinna en koppling mellan den ensamme gossen i förgrunden och nålen. Beats me.
    I hope you enjoyed the Pride Parade. I was in Gnesta at the time.

    • In my opinion the needle and the boy does not need to have a “true” connection. I´m fine with it beeing two completley separated stories. : ) It´s all up to the viewer to make the image fit their imagination. Anyhow – thanks for your opinion, Matti!

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