Aviation show

Sthlm, 2010: Airshow

This weekend Sweden is celebrating 100 years of aviation. I went down to Gärdet, a large field in Stockholm, were the swedish airforce and other aviation geeks held a historical aviation show. It did include some modern planes, but who cares about them. ;) The weather report promised rain but we got lucky. Well – as a photographer clouds isn´t perticulary easy to expose against, but what the heck. Convert to b/w and off you go :)

Sthlm, 2010: Blonde on the run

As you might have guessed from the first image the airspace wasn´t where the real action was taking place. At least not for me (thank god for audiences : ). Mainly men, by them self or with their kids, lurking around lots of vintage machines; aeroplanes, cars and other stuff.

Sthlm, 2010: Car trouble?

Sthlm, 2010: Having fun with dad

The star of the show was a maiden flight by a Blériot XI from 1918 with pilot Mikael Carlson. Man, that guy is brave. Seeing the Blériot XI taking of with the stability of a piece of tissue really freaked me out. But it took off, made a pair of fly bys and landed with a couple of umpfs. (Apparently the pilot controls the speed by simply switching the motor on and off. Full speed or nothing – that´s it.).

Sthlm, 2010: The Blériot XI.

That´s it, folks. Tonight it´s cruising down town. Time to get busy.

4 thoughts

    • Tack, Matti – jag gillar den med!
      Och nej, ingen utflykt i kväll – jag valde att stanna hemma och ta det lugnt. “Bliv vid din teve”, som någon bibelfigur kanske skulle ha sagt. Cruisingen har jag sett (och fotat) så många gånger att den inte känns särskilt lockande längre. Speciellt inte när vädret är allt annat än människovärdigt. Men i morgon blir det åka av. Ny dag – nya bilder ;)

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