Brasserie Godot

Sthlm, 2010: Outside Brasserie Godot

A third one from this weekend. I met this guy walking towards me and noticed his clever use of his umbrella (not to mention his focused stare). Moving closer, he suddenly got strucked by this wonderful light. I shot from the hip and got him, the reflection and the brasserie logo nicely framed.

A funny thing is that I know I have another image of him from some years ago. I better start looking through the archives for that one…

3 thoughts

    • Avsiktligt, faktiskt. :)

      Fast det var ju inte meningen att den skulle synas utåt så där. Nu har jag lärt mig det om WordPress – det går inte att smyga ut poster på det där sättet …

      Men håll ut – Converging-texten kommer vad det lider.

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