A corner story

Sthlm, 2011: A corner story

While checking out the Stockholm marathon today I passed this handsome UNA bomber styled guy. I looked back and saw that he was sticking his tounge out. And to the left in the background, a figure perched on top of a power box. I moved around the UNA bomber to be able to add the background hoodie to the mix and got a snapshot before the moment disappeared. Two stories in one corner.

Like it.

Ok, since I have shown marathon images earlier this week it might be tha right time to add one from todays marathon as well. the light was really flat today with practically no light or shadows to play with. I got bored instantly, but tried to make something out of it anyhow. Lots of graphical content but total lack of the crowded marathon feeling. Bummer.

Sthlm, 2011: Lost in direction

2 thoughts

  1. Satt precis och undrade när bilderna skulle börja komma… skön bild! Härligt jobbat! Kanon enligt mig! gata, maraton, pilen, fel håll, gula dojjor, löpare. Stiligt! och inget skräp på gatan heller! :)

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