Sthlm street at the gallery


Outch. Got a bad hangover from yesterdays party at work, but still pretty excited about today. A gallery down town is opening an exhibition today with images covering the theme Sweden – an idyll?, a theme where street photography would really shine. I got a message last week that they have selected two of my which – quite nice considering I submitted three photos all together. What I don´t know is which images they have chosen, so it will be interesting to scan the walls for my frames. But I do hope the jury picked out Red makes her move made it. Kind of like that one.

Oh – and it´s Pentax day today, which means that all Pentaxians should grab their cameras and burn some pixels today. Pentax is putting together images from all over the world – all shot at the same day. I like it.

Anyway. It´s time to pick up the pieces and re-assemble my self from last might. Damn that free bar.

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