Portraits by the sea

F.M. Creative Director.

Nope, no time to work the street this weekend either, so I don’t have any fresh urban scenes to show you. That´s fine by me though, since my employer sent us out into the wilderness of southern Sweden to meet up with our other Scandinavian offices all weekend. By the sea, the light turned out to be strikingly good, so I took the opportunity to shoot some fellow colleagues down by the landing-stage outside of out hotel.

It´s when I see this kind of light I really feel jealous of what the nature photogs experience in their shooting environment. (It looked like someone had mounted one gigantic softbox all over the place). On the other hand – the weather switched from sun to thunderstorm in a blink of an eye. Yes, I got soaked silly down there. And loved it.

M.J. Interface Developer

4 thoughts

    • Yes, that light was really stunning, Nikhil. And I think this shooting distance, between 1-2 meters, is the sweet spot for the DA21 Limited lens. Wouldn´t you agree?

      By the way – you live by the sea yourself, right?

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