Portfolio images revisited: Neighborhood

Sundbyberg, 2010: Neighborhood

This man lives somewhere in my neighbourhood. I am told that twice a day, he takes a walk from one end to the other, turns around, and walks back. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where he turns around, to see how he does the turn. In my head, he has some kind of ritual going on.
Or maybe there is an old flame waiting on the opposite side of his neighbourhood?
About the making of the image: I had just left my home and was walking to the metro when I met him. I spotted him moving slowly towards me, so I halted and started some very obvious fiddling with my camera. I had already noticed that great contrail in the sky wich was exactly what I needed to give the shot something extra.
I set the camera to manual, pre-focused at about two meters and waited. It took some time, but when  he was close enough I made two shots, still looking down at the camera. Didn’t nail the focus perfect, but does it really matter? It’s still one of my proudest moments, and also a pretty darned good composition for being a hip shot.

2 thoughts

  1. Har man tid hinner man kolla bakgrunden. Gillar huset som lyser vitt och det vita stråket över himlen. Ett bra höftskott, helt klart!

  2. Wonderful image, Jimmy. I like it….

    What’s interesting is that almost everyday ” I ” take a walk through my neighborhood and then turn around and head back home. The difference is that I have a camera with me everytime I go out and if I see anything or anyone interesting looking me I try to get a photo of them looking my way. However, I think I go out to early in the morning as there are very few people out at that time where I live… :-)

    Really enjoy your work…

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