On this day, six years ago …

Shapes & distractions

… I picked up a DSLR for the very first time. It didn´t take long for me to realize that photography was right up my alley. About one year later I got aware of the term street photography when I got some critique on this image on the on-line photographer forum Fotosidan.se. The same critic pointed me to the street photography pool at Fotosidan where I found lots of other urban photos- it was love at first sight and still is.

I shoot mostly to satisfy my own urge to learn about life in the public eye, but it still makes me proud to know that my images do seem to have a modest audience. And having my images in books from oneexposure, in Smashing Magazine, on Flickrs first page, being featured on SPB, Eric Kim blog and so on makes me very proud.

But this summer I’m going to level up by participating in a photo exhibition. This will be the first time I show my images on the wall outside my comfort zone Exiting times ahead!

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  1. Congratulations Jimmy! You beat me by about 6 months. While I have always been interested in photography, I didn’t get serious until I got my DSLR (Pentax K10) in December 2006.

    • Thanks, Nikhil!
      So you got into the deep end with a K10D as your first camera? I was still not sure I was going to like photography, so I let my introduction go on a low budget with a small Pentax *ist DL. Got the K10D later though – that was a great camera!

    • Thanks you, Jane! The exhibition is next weekend in Gnesta. I’ll post some info about it later this week, so please come back in a day or two. Or hook me up on Facebook if thats easier – facebook.com/sthlmstreet is the adress.

      //Jimmy :D

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