Gnesta-Planket 2012


Earlier this year I got invited to participate in an photo exhibition by Bengt Björkbom. The exhibition will take place next saturday in Gnesta and displays more than twenty different invited photographers work. I know a great deal of the others and can assure you that it will be some great stuff to check out. Your humble streetshoter/blogger will show some 12-16 prints, primarily newer stuff.

I’m really excited about this, since it will be the first time I exhibit any of my work in public. (Not counting the global public of the interwebz of course ;) And it gave me a good reason to invest in a brand new Epson R3000 printer too. To be able to print my own stuff is really great and a new challenge to learn, but so far I am very satisfied with how the prints are turning out.

Anyway – you are very welcome to swing by to say hi. I will be there between 11-16.00. On saturday the 28th. In Gnesta.


More info about Gnesta-Planket 2012

The event on Facebook

Gearhead flea market

Dagens Nyheter from Planket 2011*

*yep, I’m the guy in orange pants :)

2 thoughts

  1. I’m sure it will be a great success (and I love that b&w print on top of the pile). I enjoyed the experience of public exhibition here, my own show was just a few months ago. It is quite different interacting with viewers in real life, and quite interesting and enjoyable.

    • Thanks, Nikhil. I’m really looking forward to meet the viewers in person and talk about photography. It’s going to be a great experience.

      I’m glad to hear you had an exhibit yourself. I’m sure it went well. We keep the Pentax brand floating, you and I ;)

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