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Sthlm, 2012: Below the beehive

About six moths ago I got a slipped disc. Since then, I have real trouble carrying any thing heavy, including the K-5. Actually, I haven’t carried a single grocery bag home since then (using a bike as a mule works fine though). I´m preparing to get something less heavy than a dslr and a prime – kind of ironic as Pentax is the brand for us who don´t want to go the heavy gear rout the CANIKON offers.

Anyways, I am thinking of letting the dslr go and go for a lighter gear (yes, the Sony full frame RX-1 if it fulfill my needs) I do love my Pentax gear, but if my back will not get better I have to adapt to the new situation. A RX-1 or a Fuji Pro-X is what I´m, looking at. It´s all about quality and weight as far as I´m concerned.

Any who – just to really try out the concept of shooting with one lens I´m starting to shoot a lot with my Richo GRD III. I do love that camera, even though I sure can´t compete with a full frame. But still – as the image in post shows, the grain in high iso looks pretty sweet!

How about you other street shooters – do you think the Sony RX-1 could be the ultimate street shooter? Or maybe the Fuji Pro – even though the manual focusing sucks (or maybe the new firmware made that obsession obsolete).


3 thoughts

  1. Yes, small is the way to go as far as I’m concerned. But I could get a full Fuji X Pro-1 three lens kit for the same amount as the RX-1. I think the best manual focusing implementation will get my money. To bad Pentax don’t seems to have a FF in the pipes. That would give me a third contender.

    Gear aquiring syndrome, anyone?

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