Tried the Fuji X-Pro 1 today

Sthlm, 2012: Heads

As you might have read before, I am looking for lighter gear for my street shooting. Today, I had the privilege to try out a Fuji X-pro 1 with a 35mm lens. Really nice, even if I only had a very faint idea of how to set the camera properly. It came down to some kind of manual shooting with the camera fighting back with some obscure auto settings I never found the switch for.

Anyway – I had a great time shooting with it, and do feel that it´s all about learning the interface to master it. I would have prefered to shoot this try out with Fuji’s 18 mm wide angle – the angle I do most of my street photography with – but the 35 mm f1.4 was a really nice lens to use. Sharp at 1.4? Hell yes!

Sthlm, 2012: At the greengrocer

Sthlm, 2012: Ghost walk – every saturday av 20.00

Sthlm, 2012: Waiting for the metro

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    • Autofokusen är väl lite njavars, men det kan jag leva med. Är van vid att hoppa mellan AF och MF efter behov. Dessutom räknar jag med att köra zonfokusering med 18 millimetaren, så då är det ju hugget som skivat hur AF lirar. Men jag förstår din fråga ;)

      Den är i alla fall väldigt exakt när den sätter skärpan. Bättre än K-5, faktiskt.

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  2. Jimmy, I began using the XP1 in April, 2012 for my street shooting and haven’t used my D700 since then. Have a look at my blog at I shoot mostly with the 18mm lens which is really nice for street, although I would rather have the 14mm lens which isn’t released yet. The 35mm lens is a little too narrow for street, but if I choose a spot to put my butt down that lens works great for selective shooting.

    Be sure you are using the new firmware (2.0) as it makes a huge difference in the focus speed of the lenses.

    • Thanks for your comment and glad to have you here, Gene! I actually checked out your street photos while doing research on the X-Pro 1, so you´re one of the shooters that made me confident in my belief that the Fuji might be the right move for me. I actually bought the camera today, and coupled it with the 18mm. I agree that the 35mm is a tad to narrow for my liking, but the loaner I had only had that one. We´ll see if I miss the 35mm or not :) What I do know is that since I got the Pentax 21mm Limited lens back in 2007 I’ve had is as my primary street lens. Love that angle!

      Right now I´m loading batteries, while I´m looking through todays catch. As soon as the battery are fully charged I will update the firmware on both body and lens.

      Thanks for watching!

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