X-pro1, Novoflex and a nice piece of glass

Sthlm, 2013: Metal on metal

Sthlm, 2013: Metal on metal

My Novoflex adapter finally arrived today. It´s going to be great to use the X-Pro1 with a lens that have a proper manual feel to its focusing. If this turns out well I might get a manual legacy wide-angle to utilize effective zone focusing for my street photography again. (Since the Fujinon uses drive-by-wire it makes it almost impossible to do zone focusing on those lenses).

Anyone who recognize what lens this might be?

(Geek porn: That sexy image is shot with the Ricoh GRD 3 on a table tripod – it still impress me just how good a camera this is).

4 thoughts

    • No challenge identifying that lens for you I guess, X-country. And you’re right, it is the Pentax FA 43mm. Even though I switched system, I just couldn’t see myself getting ridof this lens. At least not without first trying it out on the Fuji.

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