A day at the trotting track

I got some quality time with the camera at the trotting track near by my home today. Great place for watching people, and a prefect time to study the circle of life at the trotting track. Elitloppet is one of the largest harness racing events in the world and gather a mashup of trotting lovers, gamblers and people who just want to have some fun. Fun with beer, that is.

Anyways, I hope you like the images. Elitloppet 2013 – street style :)

Stockholm, 2013: Place your bet

Stockholm, 2013: 1. Place your bet

Stockholm, 2013: A room with a view

Stockholm, 2013: 2. Watch the race

Stockholm, 2013: Stupid horse

Stockholm, 2013: 3. Hate the horse

Stockholm, 2013: Hey, ya

Stockholm, 2013: 4. Let´s talk

Stockholm, 2013: Let´s talk

Stockholm, 2013: 5. A serious talk

Stockholm, 2013: Pause

Stockholm, 2013: 6. Reload

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