Beach boys

After an intense weekend I had a first go with the raw files from Mallorca late last night. With a total of less than 500 photos in one week I’m pretty happy if I have ten keepers in the end. Which one those are will probably not be clear to me for some time, but I post some that I like pronto. After all, Stockholm Street is a photo blog.

If you have seen my earlier posts you might think that I only shot girls on the beach, so let’s check out what some of the boys where up to:

S'Arenal, 2013: Standing

S’Arenal, 2013: Standing

S'Arenal, 2013: Sitting

S’Arenal, 2013: Sitting

S'Arenal, 2013: Falling(?)

S’Arenal, 2013: Tilting

S'Arenal, 2013: Getting wet

S’Arenal, 2013: Getting wet

2 thoughts

  1. Looks like you had a blast. Looking forward seeing more of your keepers. I know it’s hard sometimes doing the selections, but it’s worth it in the end, huh? :)

    I really like the first photo. Wonder what’s he is thinking about.

    • Thanks, Daniel. Yeah, the editing process can be pretty tough but I think it’s important if you want to move forward in your own photography. I shot some 500 pictures during that week on Mallorca, and will probably edit out 95 percent of those. If I have one keeper a day I am satisfied :)

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