Ricoh GR

Ok, in my last post I told you that I wasn´t going to be able to shoot any street for a while because of the crutches that makes it nearly impossible to handle my FujiFilm X-Pro1. The urge to shoot is still very high, and since I need to do regular workouts walking around I decided to replace my beloved Ricoh GRD 3 to the latest Ricoh GR.

The simple handling makes it possible to shoot with one hand while temporarily leaning on the crutch with the other, so I am on it again!

I also discovered the native Bleach jpg-mode that really looks nice. I did research this morning and realized that the bleach bypass technique is an old film process that is nearly identical with the process I have developed myself with Aperture and Topaz BW Magic. No wonder I like this jpg style. :)

Anyway – I´m still shooting. Just wanted you to know.

See ya’


To slow to avoiding the beggars


iso 25000 with multiple exposures


4 thoughts

  1. Hi Jimmy,
    Get rid of the crutches and walk!
    Kidding, hope you are back on the street (where u belong) soon. You are an inspiration your style is definitely unique.

    Lets see more nurses;)

    Take care


    • Four more weeks and the crutches are history, Darran! I might get a shot at some nurses this monday as I am going in for some horrifying biopsy sampling thing. If I could get another selfie it might be worth it :p

      Thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by.


  2. Good to hear that the crutches will soon be history. And nice to read about your experience with the Ricoh, definitely a nice little camera I have been thinking about lately ;-) Let’s catch up mid of May!

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