Vacation in Stockholm – the Vasa ship museum


Sthlm, 2014: Learning the 17th century world

So I finally made it to the Vasa museum to enjoy one of the swedish 17th century failures. As far as I know, this is the oldest ship ever to be salvaged intact and it is pretty cool to see a genuine war ship old. Since this is vacation times, and my teen age son need to get out of the darkness of the lap top, I dragged him with me to check it out. (besides the fact that I have not been here since I moved to Stockholm 24 years ago ; ).

Anyways – I snapped a couple of shots while lurking around the ship but didn´t manage to get anything interesting with the ship in the background. Me think I need to get back on my own to work the scene a bit more on my own …

The shots I show here are from different multimedia displays inside the museum. Sorry, but the ship it self was not in the mood to be in my pictures :)

Sthlm, 2014: At the WASA museum

Sthlm, 2014: Touch screen

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