Retrospective 2015

To sum up my shooting in 2015 in a word: uninspired. I have been struggling all year long with low inspiration and have not really invested enough time in street photography. I do have some portraits project going on that have been fun shooting, but I think it is obvious that I need to spend more time on the streets to keep my street shooting up.

One fun thing though: I am one of twenty photographers selected to be part of Aquity Press new Street Photography 2015 book that is being made right now. The fact that the photographers was selected by a jury including Colin Westerbeck is somewhat brag worthy in my opinion. (Westerbeck, as you might not know, is the man that together with legendary street photographer Joel Meyerowitz made the first historical book about street photography: Bystander: A History of Street Photography.

Anyways – see you next year. My new year resolution is to shoot every week no matter what. The plan is to be able to say this quote without hesitation:

“It´s not easy to be humble when you are as good as I am.”

Just kidding! Happy New year!

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