Shake the hand firmly – check. Look straight into his eyes – check. Lean forward – check. I think these guys have done this before.

Shoot the dead

Yesterdays Stockholm Zombie Walk proved to be a really fun event. Several hundreds of undead made a messed up crowd of gore and horror and an occasional giggle, slowly making their way through the city. I think it was great fun watching, and not to bad to photograph either. To bad every camera owner in…


August has been pretty lousy if you like your summer warm and sunny. And the last week, we have had almost epic scale rain bursts in the evenings. Om schedule today: Sthlm Zombie Walk, a tatto event, Propaganda music festival, triathlon in Old town and a bunch of other events. Going for the Zombies first…

A quiet moment

Damn, I really hate that I got sloppy with my focusing on this scene. I think it would have been a great image if I had nailed it. But hey – that´s why they invented heavy post processing :)

Late at the amusement park

Poor little guy. Although I couldn´t hear their conversation, it was pretty clear that he was devastated. Maybe backing into a corner in tears helped his case?

Catch of the day

It seems like all of my friends are leaving for New York this week. I know Stockholm is not the place to compete when it comes to high buildings, but today I went for the skies ;)