Closed eye close-up

Snapped this guy a couple of weeks ago. If I´m correct, he´s the guy doing most of the conferencier work in Kungsträdgården, Sam Carlquist. It could explain why I found him there.

Pride parade 2011

I only had about one hour to check out the Pride parade today, so I went for the site of preparation pre-parade at Tantolunden. It was several years since I quit photographing the parade itself. Not because It´s not fun, but I find it a bit boring from a street photographers perspective.

Pride week again

Today is the first day of the Pride week here in Stockholm – as always finishing off in the grand finale Pride parade on saturday. Should be an interesting week to lurk around down town with the camera. open-minded with your eyes opened, of course. Anyway – this post gives me a good excuse to…

Mimers and runners

I must have shot a couple of hundreds of images at the pride parade yesterday. Gah – so much junk to go through – I hope it´s worth it. Anyhow, I think the most interesting stuff happends outside of the parade when people are acting natural (if that´s possible : ).

Pride week 2010

It´s time for the annual Stockholm Pride festival this week, wich usually makes for an interesting week of shooting. Despite the very photogenic parade that ends the festival, I seem to find the most interesting images of the crowds rather than in the parade it self. So … the tip of the day is to…

On getting close

While shooting, I usually tries to get as close as possible. One reason is that I mainly shoot with wideangle primes (21mm or 35mm) wich forces me to step in to the action. Some streetshooter prefers telelenses so that they can shoot from a distance, but I think those images usually gets to focused on…