Pride parade 2011

Sthlm, 2011: Warming up

I only had about one hour to check out the Pride parade today, so I went for the site of preparation pre-parade at Tantolunden. It was several years since I quit photographing the parade itself. Not because It´s not fun, but I find it a bit boring from a street photographers perspective.

For once, it pretty much looks the same year after year, and I can´t stand repeating my self. I also find it much more interesting to photograph people off guard, no matter if they are participating in the parade or are spectators. To bad I didn’t have the time to burn some rubber on the sidewalks today, but at least I´m convinced some are ;)

Sthlm, 2011: Groping approved

Anyway. The parade is a great thing, and something you should support in one way or the other. Sweden is an open society, but some countries and religions still forbids homosexuality, so a manifestation in Sweden should be seen as a support for all of those HBT-people out there.

Ps 1. I went for black and white for this images, since I think it peels off some of the painted surface of my subjects. The main problem though, was that as soon as I was spotted, the posing begun. Maybe this is where the Bruce Gilden style of shooting, in your face close up with a flash, would work well. Nah – I like the shadows too much to start adding artificial stuff.

Sthlm, 2011: Poseurs

Ps 2: The woman below was actually completely naked, except for a towel and shoes. I recognized her from last year when she – naked of course – was preparing for the parade. I couldn´t hear what the guy was telling here, but it looked like she might had passed the limit of just how open the participants can be. And since this is a blog with high moral standards I´ll show a shot with a clever balloon cover, saving the juicy stuff for later. ;)

Sthlm, 2011: "I was here first!"

This reminds me of a nice passage in an old novel by one of our greatest Swedish humourists: Tage Danielsson. It goes something like this (translated by yours truly):

In to the room came a man, dressed in nothing but a high hat. And on his head, he wore a turban.

Maybe a suitable costume for next years parade?

See ya later!

4 thoughts

  1. I can see you could only do this every few years. Or rather, you could do it often but won’t be able to put up too many of the photos. I have a similar resistance to putting up very similar photos.

    Can’t imagine the day you’d see a parade like this here in Guyana, we aren’t known for our tolerance in the Caribbean.

  2. Oj vilka fina foton Jimmy, inte för att jag är speciellt förvånade men det här överträffar det lilla jag såg av paraden igår! /Malin

  3. I recognize the feeling. In the ‘beginning’ these are easy street subjects. When you do street a bit longer, they are too easy and not interesting anymore. I visit these parades sometimes, but most of the time come back with only photos of visitors.

  4. Thanks. For me, I think the main problem of shooting the parade is that it is so easy to focus on the extreme rather than the ordinary. That´s fine if you just want to show the parade it self, but if you want to get close to the individuals, the bodypaint obscures the picture.

    @Nikhil: You don´t have an open gay movement at all i Guyana? Here in Sweden not many have an issue about it at all (at least not in the larger cities). I´d say maybe one third of the people marching in the parade are straight, just participating to show their support.

    @Fokko: Yeah, shooting the parade is like shooting a never ending stream of sitting ducks. And there are to many other photogs doing just that, and better than me. The interesting street stuff is sure to be found in the outskirts of it all.

    Thanks for watching!

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