If they spot you – shoot them!

Took the X-Pro1 with the Fujinon 18mm for another test drive today in a very nice weather. I haven´t had it for a full week yet, but it already feels quite intuitive to shoot with it. Not perfectly lean yet, but I´m sure that is a matter of time. The young boy playing the piano…

A quiet moment

Damn, I really hate that I got sloppy with my focusing on this scene. I think it would have been a great image if I had nailed it. But hey – that´s why they invented heavy post processing :)

Why boys run

Saw this guy running around on the far side of the street. The red light held me back, and when I did came over he was gone. Well, gone until he suddenly appeared, running like crazy right pass me.

Road runner

I met up with some photographer friends yesterday to go visiting Fotografiska, our fantastic photographic museum, that was celebrating its one year anniversary. they celebrated this occasion by opening a new exhibition with portraits of famous photographers. (Great images of Anton Corbijn, Nan Goldin, Sally Mann, Mary Ellen Mark, Anders Petersen, Christer Strömholm, Patti Smith,…

At the waterfront

The spring have had a couple of days of backlash, but today it came back in its prime glory. The urbans, starved for sunlight, geared up and went out to enjoy it. And hats are in fashion again :)

People I´ve met: Sthlm street from 2010

Wow – this has been an interesting year. I´ve been shooting less street than earlier years, but I think my keepers rate have increased. Or maybe I´m just not that picky anymore ;) Anyhow – I´ve put together a collection of some of the more memorable street photos I shot this year. It´s pretty straight…


While waiting for the bus, this guy decided it was better to climb up on a concrete foundation than to use the benches. Right or wrong decision, with that slope he would be pretty shure no one will ever succeed to sit beside him.