Spider-man fan

It sure is a sign of me getting older, but today I got all nostalgic over the times when my son was a little kid. I looked up one of my favorites from when he was six years old and really worshipped  Spider-Man (who didn´t? :). I actually got this photo selected to be a…

Retrospective 2010 added

Since I got this latest word press theme I have a pretty neat way of showing image galleries. I did a retrospective in late december last year to wrap it up before heading out for another go at the streets. And since I have been doing this for a while, I decided to add retrospectives…

Portfolio images revisited: Neighborhood

This man lives somewhere in my neighbourhood. I am told that twice a day, he takes a walk from one end to the other, turns around, and walks back. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where he turns around, to see how he does the turn. In my head, he has some kind of ritual…

Pearl, the parrot

The parrot Pearl have some cookies fed to her mouth to mouth by her loving owner. It might not be obvious in the picture, but if you look close you can see parts of the pattern on the dress. Yep – all parrots. I think I might have met the legendary Parrot lady.

Are handprints street?

Yeah, I know – this is not your everyday street photo. But sometimes I think I focus too much on having people – the magical Human Presence – in every shot. Still, when walking around in the urban areas, I see a lot of stuff that adds to the story of life on the streets….