Spider-man fan

Sthlm, 2007: Spider-man fan

Sthlm, 2007: Spider-man fan

It sure is a sign of me getting older, but today I got all nostalgic over the times when my son was a little kid. I looked up one of my favorites from when he was six years old and really worshipped  Spider-Man (who didn´t? :). I actually got this photo selected to be a part of 1x.com first annual photo book in 2008, so I think I can say it´s okay even if I am the models father. Anyway – check out Noah as he strikes a tough superhero pose, not fully aware just how cute he looks.  And back in those days I really wasn´t to fluid in photo editing, so I made a new edit with Aperture and Topaz BW Effects to match my current eye.

I really like Topaz for tweaking my black and whites, but it is quite effective when working with colors as well. And cheap :)

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