A late walk in the city

I went out late today to try to catch the last rays of light before the sun went down. The plan was to start capture the wonderful summer feeling I got this weekend. To bad street photography doesn´t work that way. Let me show you what I got.

First, some dude in a limousine got the hubris outside the dramatic theater and decided to show his enthusiasm out the window. Tomorrow I´m shure he´s back in his flamed Volvo 240.

Stockholm 2010: Heavy ride

Stockholm 2010: Heavy ride

Ok, I´m moving forward. Got a nice walk through Djurgården and took the ferry back to mainland. A teenage girl gets sick in front of me and lets of a pretty impressive amount of vomit. “She´s probably seasick”, my companion guesses. Yeah – of course she was.

Stockholm 2010: Teenage vomit

Stockholm 2010: Teenage vomit

Anyhow. We went on for some beer, while shooting from the sidewalk, and then a short stroll to the metro. Almost there I stumbled on this lady, squatting down while she probes a big pile of cigarette butts. She probably turned something inside out to get them out. A sad view to say the least.

Stockholm 2010: Smoker

Stockholm 2010: Smoker

Well, that´s it for today. I´ll show you some nicer images from today another time. Over and out. :)

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