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  1. It’s nice to see how much involved in your photography you are. I bet there are much more interesting photos among those you discarded before. Interesting thing is that documentary photos gain value during the time, when the city and people change. I was wondering about two things. First, how often do you print your photos. And second, when you do out and to the streets, do you ever have a task or so called “project” for yourself?

    • Thanks, Egle!
      I usually don´t have any agenda when I go out. It´s part of the charm with street that you really have no clue what kind of scenes you encounters. I do, of course, have some kind of plan where I´m heading, but that´s pretty much it. Well… sometimes I do know about some event taking place that I want to shot, but that´s almost cheating ;)

      About printing: I try to print images on a regular basis, but It´s a bit hard to cope with them all. I´m heading more to maybe putting together a photobook or two, just to have some collection of images outside my harddrives.

      Thanks for watching!

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